Day 43 - 30 days of websiting

There’s the concept of working software over comprehensive requirements. Tonight, I was happy to have a little bit of extra documentation to go along side my working software.

Tonight, I updated the basic text and link colors. I intend to keep them inline with the colors on the current site. I found these helpful variables in that codebase:

$color1: #ffb222; //rgba(255, 178, 34, 100)
$color2: #d72c66; //rgba(215, 44, 102, 100)
$color3: #882c62; //rgba(136, 44, 98, 100)

So happy that I included those rgba values 🙄.

But, I had a comment with a link to the scheme on Coolors. Now those $color variables made sense!

I had watched this talk from Merlin Mann in 2013 earlier today. Both share a similar concept: act smart today to work mindlessly in the future. I could have named my variables to describe their role. Or write tasks with actionable information.


  1. Gave <a> tags a fancy little transition.
  2. Remembered the L, V, H, A order for anchor pseudo-classes.
  3. Updated post markup.

Time check

I worked from 9:15–10:00p, while drinking a Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine.

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