Day 18 - 30 days of websiting

Yesterday, I tested the certificate setup using SSL Labs. I felt sad to find out, I got a B. Since 2016, seems we’ve moved passed TLS 1.1, and matured SPDY to HTTP/2.

My Digital Ocean droplet has gotten stuck in a wierd state where I can’t upgrade packages. dpkg errors out saying that it cannot allocate memory. Because I can’t upgrade nginx, I could only configure TLS 1.2. At least I moved off 1.1 before browsers gave up support for it.

Yesterday I overwite the files of I had symlinked all the server directories to the same folder and hadn’t realized it.


  1. Updated nginx configs to use TLS 1.2 and HTTP/2. Retested on SSL Labs.
  2. Reverted files on
  3. Setup jekyll build action on GitHub.

Things I’ve learned

What I’m working on next

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I worked from 9–9:45p, while watching Project Runway.

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